Friday, May 1, 2009

A1c Report Card

Anyone else feel like their child's A1c is their report card?

Two months into his diabnosis, Logan's A1c was 8.1. The doctor said it wasn't bad. The goal for his age group is anything below 8.

I bought a $9 A1c test at WalMart about ten weeks after the first A1c test and got the results today (they had my email address wrong and I should have called to check sooner)...ready to see my grade? 6.8! In ten weeks, his A1c dropped 1.4 points - I know some adults that are jealous of his A1c!!


  1. That is amazing. My 18 year old is at 7.8 and on the pump. It's hard to tell him to get it down and he acutally listen. :)

  2. Yeah!!! That's awesome!

  3. Good job Mom! Yes, I take it as a report card....we have only been in the 7's twice, mostly 8's but hopefully that'll change this next time!