Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One Step Closer

Got a call from the nutritionist clearing our week's worth of food logs that I faxed in on Monday. She recommended I double check what our second insurance will pay towards the pump and whether or not we need to order the CGMS with the pump or wait.

We have four and a half weeks left...and every time I watch my little boy give himself a shot, I can't help but wish I could be the one going through it rather than he. One day closer every day to a cure for all the children that suffer like mine...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Only Six Weeks!!

We're on track to start Logan's saline trial six weeks from today! I know I've got a lot more to learn but I was so happy when they told me the date he'd get his pump that I had to hold back tears.

No one but another parent of a Type 1 child can even begin to understand the feelings surrounding a diagnosis, life change, education, control and everything else that goes along with your perfect child's changed perfection. I would never call Logan anything less than perfect even with Type 1. It's his challenge in life, his cross to bear - but to me, he's still the perfect little bright eyed baby I gave birth to ten and a half years ago.

I have a business trip to go on in a couple weeks and I was sort of counting the days till I leave but now I'm counting the days till our lives change for the better and my baby gets the pump he's been asking about since December 6. Six weeks from today will be one of those momentous days that I'll never forget.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Insulin Pumps

Our family went to our first pump class. We learned about the differences between the brands and talked about the one we thought would be best for Logan. For now, he's decided on the MiniMed...on to the next class to get us through the next few months till we get the pump and the CGMS.


If you ever want a kid-free week, buy your kids a wii and let them pick a couple games. We've not gotten one before because I'm not a fan of game systems since I have a husband and son with addictive personalities who can't seem to turn them off.

I haven't seen the kids all week. They come home from school and after I make them do their homework and eat dinner at the table, they're downstairs on that thing. The arguing has even lessened because they know I'll take the wii away if they argue. lol

This is the bundle we got the kids for Easter. Absolutely not one single piece of candy from the Bunny. Grandma and Grandpa had arranged a short egg hunt at their house and at the end, they had a goodie bag for each child. The kids each got a GameStop gift card (yes, we had to stop for them to buy a new game on the way home), some beef jerky and other small things.

It ended up being a good day. The kids all got along well, the adults got to visit for quite a while...just a good day all around.

When we got in the car to go home, I heard my phone's tone for letting me know there was a message. It was my niece saying she had on her Hannah Montana T-shirt, bracelets and purse and was all ready to go to the movie. This niece had just had a party for her 9th birthday and along with a card saying I'd take her to the movie, I bought her and my daughter all those they'd match cuz it's cool when you're that age ;)

Hannah Montana ended our night and we got home close to 9pm...and at that time, I was really glad I had decided to get the kids a wii so I got to sleep in that morning.

Another Spring Break Activity

We went to Nickelcade! My sister, her husband and three kids plus my niece and her two kids went with me and my kids to play video games. I really wasn't looking forward to it but the weather was awful and I was trying to keep the kids from driving me nuts till Spring Break was over. I did have fun playing skeeball. I always forget how much I like I like that.

I won't include the pics of my nieces and nephew for the sheer fact that I don't feel I should post their pics without permission from their parents since my blog is public. Sorry for not having more pics of Logan but I noticed I didn't take any more of him from the front in which you can't see the other kids' faces.

Can you see the pink stripes in Lexi's hair? These are temporary but we may do permanent ones for the summer.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our Day in Pictures

We went to feed the ducks today...

Friday, April 3, 2009


OMG! We had a rushed morning. When we were getting ready to take the kids to school, I asked Logan to check his blood while I brought the puppies in and fed them. When I went to get the puppies, only Logan's puppy (named Gadget) was there; he was standing by the open gate looking out. I called for him to come in and as I went out the back door to search for the other puppy, I shouted to the kids that the gate was open.

Lexi immediately freaked out and started crying about her puppy. I told her to find her other shoe really quickly and help me come look for Trinket. Well, she couldn't find her other shoe so she really lost it. I went one way down the sidewalk calling Trinket's name (she's not quite 7 months so she *kind of* knows her name). I thought I better walk the other way to check the other side of the house...and there she was, trying to get into the back yard through the fence without the gate. lol

In the confusion, I forgot to make sure Logan had taken his blood and just now remembered. I called the school and had them ask Logan to check his BG. He called me back and said "Mom, I was 128 this morning. I didn't forget." I was so proud of him! Now, he did do a big no-no and didn't eat breakfast so I asked him to check again and eat one of the snacks we supply the school with if he needed to. He called back and said he's at 105 but feeling a little feverish (I did notice he was warm this morning). Sounds like I may be going to pick him up...but I'm so proud of him for taking care of himself even when his mom and sister panic about a lost puppy.

Here's the little turd that caused our morning panic and caused the kids to *barely* make it to school on time.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm Not Alone Afterall...And Neither Are They

Yesterday, I got a phone call from the school psychologist whom we consulted in January for some help with emotional coping mechanisms. He called to check on Logan and I but he also had a request.

My T1 son, Logan, is in fourth grade. He is a very compassionate kid. Apparently, there's a little boy in the same grade (we'll call him W to keep it less confusing) whose parents are getting a divorce. On top of this divorce, W's family and his best friend's family have had a falling out. Due to the falling out, W's best friend has become friends with another boy who has joined the best friend in bullying this 10 year old whose family is being torn apart at the same time.

The psychologist chose three boys in fourth grade that he was hoping will embrace W, be friends and help him through the turmoil in his life. The three boys he chose include kids that are very kind, compassionate and also have 'differences' or 'difficulties' in their lives. My Logan, of course, is diabetic and dealing the best he can with that. My Logan's best friend is another of the chosen boys. He has allergies and anxiety issues. The third boy is one that I am familiar with. I went through school with his mother and attended high school with his mother and father. This third boy's parents have been through a divorce and now the mother is in jail on drug charges.

For me, I look at my boy that we've been struggling so much with over the past almost 4 months...and I remember him talking about his new friend, W...a few weeks ago. That school psychologist definitely knows what he's doing putting these kids together and asking that they take care of each other. They're already friends and I hope their relationships will strengthen and that they end up learning much and helping each other.

W's problems have nothing to do with diabetes, drug-addicted parents, allergies or anxiety but these are every-day struggles in our children's lives. Friends with struggles give them something to cling to - to know they are not alone in their struggles, though their trials are different.