Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Spring Break Activity

We went to Nickelcade! My sister, her husband and three kids plus my niece and her two kids went with me and my kids to play video games. I really wasn't looking forward to it but the weather was awful and I was trying to keep the kids from driving me nuts till Spring Break was over. I did have fun playing skeeball. I always forget how much I like I like that.

I won't include the pics of my nieces and nephew for the sheer fact that I don't feel I should post their pics without permission from their parents since my blog is public. Sorry for not having more pics of Logan but I noticed I didn't take any more of him from the front in which you can't see the other kids' faces.

Can you see the pink stripes in Lexi's hair? These are temporary but we may do permanent ones for the summer.

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  1. Love Skeeball (or is it Skeetball? I can never remember) Great pictures!