Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I work from home. I supervise other people that work from their homes. I've been in my position for the past two and a half years. My employees are my friends and I care for all of them.

Tonight, one of them (who moved to Chicago to care for her ailing mother) called to tell me she'd had her new baby girl...and then she told me what she did with the umbilical cord blood. My employee, my friend with whom I cried when Logan was diagnosed, donated her cord blood to a company that uses stem cells to research Type 1 Diabetes.

The reason she did this? Because when I took time off to care for Logan in December when he got home from the hospital and before he went back to school, I told all the ladies (and the few gents, too) why I had been gone and what was going on with my family. Considering I have nearly 100 "employees" it wasn't a small announcement.

My friend in Chicago thought of my son when deciding what she wanted to do with her cord blood and the stem cells therein...a 10 yo thousands of miles away whom she's never met...and all the other children in the same situation that I mourn for each day. I think she's absolutely amazing.

Shade Your Eyes!

Lexi, Daddy and I helped Lexi paint ONE wall in her room a bright pink. We rearranged her room, got her new sheets and a comforter plus some wall stickers - all in Littlest Pet Shop.

Here's how it all turned out:

FYCD Camp!

I sent Logan off to a week-long diabetes camp, begrudgingly on his part, on June 21. We celebrated Father's Day the day before and we went shopping for all the things he needed for the five days I'd be handing my baby over to very smart and experienced but virtual strangers.

In the end, Logan had a blast and can't wait to go back.