Friday, April 3, 2009


OMG! We had a rushed morning. When we were getting ready to take the kids to school, I asked Logan to check his blood while I brought the puppies in and fed them. When I went to get the puppies, only Logan's puppy (named Gadget) was there; he was standing by the open gate looking out. I called for him to come in and as I went out the back door to search for the other puppy, I shouted to the kids that the gate was open.

Lexi immediately freaked out and started crying about her puppy. I told her to find her other shoe really quickly and help me come look for Trinket. Well, she couldn't find her other shoe so she really lost it. I went one way down the sidewalk calling Trinket's name (she's not quite 7 months so she *kind of* knows her name). I thought I better walk the other way to check the other side of the house...and there she was, trying to get into the back yard through the fence without the gate. lol

In the confusion, I forgot to make sure Logan had taken his blood and just now remembered. I called the school and had them ask Logan to check his BG. He called me back and said "Mom, I was 128 this morning. I didn't forget." I was so proud of him! Now, he did do a big no-no and didn't eat breakfast so I asked him to check again and eat one of the snacks we supply the school with if he needed to. He called back and said he's at 105 but feeling a little feverish (I did notice he was warm this morning). Sounds like I may be going to pick him up...but I'm so proud of him for taking care of himself even when his mom and sister panic about a lost puppy.

Here's the little turd that caused our morning panic and caused the kids to *barely* make it to school on time.


  1. OMG what completely adorable dogs! My grandparents had nothing but pugs while I was growing, they are too cute!

    Go Logan! Isn't it great when our kids take charge!

  2. Yay for Logan! Hope he's feeling better soon! Gotta love mornings like that! ;)

  3. It's embarrassing to admit but we have three pugs. I got an adult female one a year ago and last November, we got two puppies (yep, I'm crazy). They're so fun but have definitely added to the stress of a newly-diagnosed diabetic :P

  4. Thank you Hannah for your generosity... my husband and I are blown away by this "little" community we've become a part of. Thank you so much again for supporting Team Elise.
    By the way, Elise loved the pic of your pug!