Thursday, April 16, 2009


If you ever want a kid-free week, buy your kids a wii and let them pick a couple games. We've not gotten one before because I'm not a fan of game systems since I have a husband and son with addictive personalities who can't seem to turn them off.

I haven't seen the kids all week. They come home from school and after I make them do their homework and eat dinner at the table, they're downstairs on that thing. The arguing has even lessened because they know I'll take the wii away if they argue. lol

This is the bundle we got the kids for Easter. Absolutely not one single piece of candy from the Bunny. Grandma and Grandpa had arranged a short egg hunt at their house and at the end, they had a goodie bag for each child. The kids each got a GameStop gift card (yes, we had to stop for them to buy a new game on the way home), some beef jerky and other small things.

It ended up being a good day. The kids all got along well, the adults got to visit for quite a while...just a good day all around.

When we got in the car to go home, I heard my phone's tone for letting me know there was a message. It was my niece saying she had on her Hannah Montana T-shirt, bracelets and purse and was all ready to go to the movie. This niece had just had a party for her 9th birthday and along with a card saying I'd take her to the movie, I bought her and my daughter all those they'd match cuz it's cool when you're that age ;)

Hannah Montana ended our night and we got home close to 9pm...and at that time, I was really glad I had decided to get the kids a wii so I got to sleep in that morning.

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