Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pump Site Change Fiasco

Yesterday, the first day of Summer Break for my kids, was a disastrous site change. Logan's site was bothering him and even though I'd wanted to do his site change at night, we attempted it in the day.

My first and second problems were that I couldn't find the IV Prep and then I couldn't find R2D2 (the inserter). I thought I could clean the site with an alcohol swab and insert the site myself. Apparently, there's a reason they give you IV Prep. It didn't stick and we were stuck without a site in.

I manually inserted Logan's site and almost felt sick because I could feel the layers of skin even though I tried to go as fast as I could.

Since the site fell out so quickly, I tried to keep calm (this is only my second site change on my own since he got the pump). I called the Diabetic Center that I get all his supplies and asked if they were Rx or if I could just come buy them. They're not Rx.

I told the kids we had to leave right THEN and, miraculously, they knew where their shoes were and got them on immediately and we left. I did get roped into promising them ice cream once we had taken care of Logan.

Stupidly, I confused myself on the location of their office and was off by 10 blocks while Logan was in the back telling me he didn't feel good but he was refusing to check his blood. I pulled over and called the Center to get their address. When we got there, I told Logan he was not to get out of the car until he checked his blood. I went in and waited in line. Logan followed us in (I would have gone right back out if he hadn't come in within a couple minutes) and announced his blood sugar was 67 but he didn't want to eat the kind of crackers we had in the car. I gave him a glucose tablet that I keep in my purse and told him to sit in one of the chairs till it was our turn.

It took a while but we got our supplies and $85 later (not Rx items and the insurance wouldn't cover them since we just got them and lost them), we went back out to the car and inserted his site with no problems.

I get emotionally drained when things don't go smoothly. I really just wanted the day to be over. I called my husband and could see his office building while we were talking. I said that I just wanted him to come home with us...so he said to pick him up. He cleared it with work and left early to help take some pressure off me. It helped and it made me feel better having him home.

...and then my sister and bil came over to help install our new-to-us washer and dryer (which we got an awesome deal on!). Thank goodness because the other washer couldn't be used because it leaked horribly.

NOT a good first good day of summer vacation. :(


  1. Ugh!!!!

    Good job managing to keep a level head and get the situation taken care of :)

    Hang in there...before you know it, you'll be able to change his site with your eyes closed (well, not really, but...you know...)

  2. Good job of keeping a level head. Tough site changes are part of this disease...those days are rough and draining but, fortunatley, the longer Logan has his pump the easier it gets and the less trouble you have on site changing days. Of course things always come up. We have been pumping for 7 months now and had a mix up a few days ago...it's on my blog. Anyway those days do come but we get through them and all is well. :-) Hugs!!

  3. Good job mom! Sorry it was rough- I'm already dreading site changes when the time comes for a pump! Lots of hugs- your doing a great job!