Friday, March 13, 2009

I Care

The other night as we were getting ready for bed and I was reminding Logan to take his Lantus (this kid is awesome - he takes care of all his own shots!), Alexia became upset. In her frustration, she angrily blurted out "All you care about is Diabetes and Dad!" Trying my hardest to keep my mood light, I responded "I don't care about Dad." I giggled. Lexi didn't think I was very funny but that did change the mood in the room.

I know that Lexi feels left out and ignored by the amount of time I spend micro-managing Logan's disease. I remind Logan many times a day about different things he needs to do to take care of himself. I constantly ask him about his blood glucose. We talk about every little thing he puts in his mouth. Poor Lexi has dealt so well with this for so long...but it's now to the point that she's feeling like I spend all my time taking care of Logan and not her.

I do care and I try my best to give each child some undivided attention. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like that's helping Lexi right now. I think we'll start some mommy/daughter dates as others have suggested. I just have to find the time.


  1. Oh poor girl! I have worried about this with my other kids too. So far we haven't had any problems, but I like the idea of a mommy daughter date. I bet that would make her feel special. My oldest just learned how to test Brooklyn. He is now a little part of it. Maybe if there is a way that she can feel a part of it she will feel better about it. I don't know, it is a tough thing. You seem like a great mom though. Don't let it get to you too much!

  2. Hey, Hanna! It's the other mom with a Logan with the D. I SO hear what your are saying.. Logan has a twin, Gray, and sometimes it is just so hard to make things seem fair time wise.
    I think the date idea is awesome, we do it, and GRAY LOVES IT! Every other week, ONE twin goes to Grandma's, and the other twin gets special Mommmy AND Daddy time. It's awesome, so far.
    I have noticed that things are a lot more balanced with the pump as we don't spend even a quarter of the time we used to, calculating things out loud, giving him a 5 minute warning for shots, etc. We can just enter his carbs, push a button, and we are all still chatting at the dinner table! I am happy to chat with you about pump questions- just let me know.
    OH, and I could use a shouder to cry on sometimes, for SURE! :)

  3. Oh, that's so hard. I know Lexi is loved so much by you and her dad but she is too young to understand why Logan is getting so much attention. Don't stree about it too much. The mommmy/daughter date is a great idea. Even taking a few minutes a day with her alone would probably do the trick. When you remind Logan of something he needs to do, maybe you could say something to Lexi to. My children feel that way sometimes too and we don't even have the same issues you have.

  4. lol I meant don't stress about it to much.